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Arcturians? Short conversation with one of them

Greetings my light brothers and sisters! As you are reading this, you have probably heard of arcturians, maybe you even know more about them then I do, as my awakening process started in the last part of the year 2016.

A few minutes ago I decided to do a meditation hoping I would find out something about the arcturian race, since I’ve been feeling quite drawn to them recently. I felt almost immediately a telepathic connection to this entity that actually proved to be an arcturian female. I decided to ask her some basic questions and I felt the answer even before I could end my question.

Here’s my interpretation to the conversation:

(as I needed to know better who she was, I asked her to give me a sign in my left hand if she was a female, and in the right one if I was communicating with a male arcturian. I felt some tingling and my left hand started shaking. I wanted to visualise her better, and I started intuitively seeing with my mind’s eye some of her facial features. Arcturians are beautiful indeed!)

And that’s what I said. I telepathically told her “you are beautiful” *don’t judge, meditate and see that yourself*

I also wanted to know how I would look like after shifting into the 5th dimension and I felt like I was growing taller, the back part of my head grew bigger and so did my eyes (although nothing actually happened in the physical plain). I saw a image of me standing on a different planet, near some beautiful colourful trees, glazing at the sky and I could closely see the stars and other planets.

My question: I heard that you use our human vital energy for yourselves, why are you helping us ascend?

Her answer: That’s what the whole universe does. As a Unity, no energy is actually lost, but transferred from each other. Everything comes from the Source. Even though we feed on your energy, you feed yourselves with physical plants and organic matter. Everything feeds itself on some other being, because in the end everything comes from the Divine Source.

Q: So when we get to ascend to 5D, will both of our planets be in the same dimension without disturbing each other’s equilibrium? And how will you feed then?

A:There are a lot of planets and civilisations in each dimension. As the frequency rises, we get to become more aware of the others, like pleadians for example. We will feed each other like a family. We are brothers and sisters of light. You will evolve and will be able to help other species like we are a helping you now. We’re sending you love and light.

And that was it. Thank you for reading my article, I hope it was of service. Namaste! 🙏 🔮 🌌